Return to office – part 4

A few week’s ago in Return to Office, I told you how we were now required to return to working in the office 6 days in every 20. Then in the last couple of weeks in Return to office – part 2 and Return to office – part 3 I told you how we were being relocated to the main building just a few hundred yards from the location our service has always been based in, and given we had been allocated less desks in our new location, I didn’t think there were enough desks for us all.

We got the new 4 weeks desk rota out this week, and when you compare that to the rota for who was meant to be in the office, the two didn’t match – on a number of days (particularly in week 2), almost every day there were not enough desks for all who were due to be in the office that day.

What was most disconcerting was when the new desk rota was sent out, it acknowledged there were not enough desks on some days, but gave no direction on what we were supposed to do on those days!

Do we have to go into the office and then have to search the building to find an alternative desk if there’s no available desk in our allocated area? Or do we just work from on days where we know there’s not enough desks allocated for us?

At this moment in time, it’s not clear what we’re supposed to do on days we’re meant to be in the office, if there’s not enough desks for us. We’ve been told there are always a few spare desks in the office as there’s always someone off, or not in, but does that make it right that we have to go into the office when potentially we have no desk, so have to spend time looking for a desk someone in the building, and potentially end up sitting in an area with no-one else in your team, and potentially no-one you know.

We’re still hopeful we’ll get some clear guidance sooner rather than later, so we know what we’re supposed to do. So again, watch this space!

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