No-one cares

Have you ever felt completely alone? Have you ever felt as if no-one cares about you?

For many in these coming weeks in the run up to Christmas, they may feel at their lowest, as they will be reminded of the family that didn’t want them, or the family they never had, or they may be reminded that they have no one to buy any Christmas presents for, and no-one who cares about them, so they expect no presents.

Lonely isn’t a nice place to be at any time, but I think Christmas probably makes feeling alone, much worse.

I pray that this year we may each do what we can to reach out and help those who are lonely, to help them feel like someone really does care about the – We can remind them that God cares for each one of us, regardless of our current status, or circumstances. So lets remind the world that God cares for everyone.

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