Keep warm

We’ve been experiencing particularly cold days in the last couple of weeks, with daily temperatures struggling to get above zero degrees – Even this, you may be surprised to hear, is unusual for the West of Scotland in December! With the temperatures plumping in these couple of weeks, it is not a surprise that many have been hit with coughs, colds, flu etc.

Maybe this is why I’ve found myself thinking so much about how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, have heating in my house, and food in my cupboards/fridge, when there are so many who this winter find themselves homeless, maybe for the first time, or maybe they’re unable to afford to heat their home and feed themselves and their family.

I therefore pray tonight for all those who give off their time to help and support those who are struggling this winter. I pray that all those who are finding it difficult to make ends meet financially, will reach out and seek help from those who can offer them the support and help they need.

I’m grateful for the warm house I am able to call home, and I pray that we can each try and do something, even just one thing, this winter, to help those who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves.

Stay safe, and stay warm!

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