I started the run up to Christmas full of optimism and great plans to be super organised early for Christmas this year. However between being extra busy at work, and then being unwell those plans fell by the wayside and now with just 9 days to go until Christmas I’m realising I have so much to do to get organised for Christmas.

I’m still not feeling great but have at least managed over the space of the last couple of days to get Christmas cards written, and got a few things ordered for presents.

I don’t like when I’m not organised, and having to play catch-up, I’ve not had any other option this Christmas. Hopefully I will feel 100% again soon, and will be able get the remainder of my Christmas plans completed in time for Christmas.

How are your Christmas plans going? Have you completed your shopping and wrapped all your presents yet? If you have you are where I hoped to be by this time in December. But if not, you’re in the same situation as me, so I hope, like me, you get everything you need to get done completed in time for Christmas.

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