This year all my Christmas shopping has been done on-line so I’ve therefore had to rely on all items being delivered. For many of the items I’ve got the items delivered to my house and I’ll then wrap and deliver the gifts. However for some of the gifts, mainly because of time, I’ve arranged for the items to be delivered straight to their recipient rather than coming here where I’d then need to wrap the items and then arrange delivery to their final destination. All sound greats doesn’t?

Well the plan seemed great, until I was notified that one of the parcels being delivered direct to the recipient was ‘left in porch’ as the residents were not in. This confused me as I knew the there was no porch at the destination address! The notification I received had a photo attached of the item where it had been left…it wasn’t in a porch, the large box was left on the front steps of the property in full view of anyone passing! How anyone would think that was a safe place to leave a package I’ll never know!

Fortunately the recipient of the parcel was only round the corner and returned a few minutes after the delivery driver left the package so was able to get the parcel ok. Apparently they have been having lots of issues with delivery drivers just leaving parcels on their front steps. They have complained many times, but there’s been no improvement in service to-date.

To delivery drivers – If you had parcels left on your doorstep in full view of passersby would you think that was acceptable? I doubt it! Please care for others parcels as you would if they were items you were delivering to yourself.

Rant over.

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