A jammies kind of day

Usually come Boxing Day for us, the pots and pans lie unwashed in the kitchen, although the majority of plates, bowls, glasses etc have been cleaned in the dishwasher. However after Christmas dinner yesterday, I took decided just to blitz the kitchen and so when we got up today, we had a clean tidy kitchen with all dishes (other than a couple of glasses and coffee cups) all washed and away in the cupboard.

So with all the dishes done, what else is there today today but have a PJ day, watch the football on TV catchup on some of the TV we recorded in the last day or so, and have a repeat of Christmas dinner – we always have a ‘rerun’ of Christmas dinner on Boxing Day, as our turkey is too big for just the two of us for one day. we also make sure we buy 2 lots of garnish, potatoes, veg, gravy etc so we can have the Christmas dinner on Boxing Day too…with the remainder of the turkey, cold.

Whether your Boxing Day has looked similar to mine, or you’ve been out and about visiting relative and friends you didn’t see on Christmas Day, I hope you had a lovely time.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break, and please stay safe!

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