Music To Touch Our Hearts

Music can stir many emotions in us: anger, pity, upset, humbling, excitement, happiness, love…to mention just a few. Those emotions are one of the main reasons I personally think so many of us like listening to music – because we can always find some music to suit our mood and emotions.

Personally there are a number of pieces of music which no matter when or where I am when I hear them, always seem to stir my emotions and pull on my heart-strings – most of them are Salvation Army or Christian pieces of music, but not all. Even then, depending on my mood, some pieces which can be emotional some days can be uplifting on other days. There are however a few pieces of music which always pull at my heart-strings and get me all emotional.

So how do I cope when I know I’m going to be put in a situation where  I’m going to have to listen to (and often play!)? Well if I’m honest, I usually don’t cope very well. In fact I’d go as far as saying I’m terrified!

Terrified! Why? My answer has to be terrified… in case I fall apart in public! That is most definitely the one thing that terrifies me more than anything else as far emotions are concerned.

So what are those pieces of music which pull on my heart-strings?

I do have some others but I think those I’ve listed above give you a goog flavour of the pieces of music/songs that are very special to me. There is a reason or a story why each of these pieces of music/songs mean so much to me and I plan to share some of those with you in future blog posts.

What music hits that spot with you and why? I’d love to hear your stories of what pieces of music touch your heart and why, so please let me know through your comments.

To finish today I’d like to leave this song with you, it’s one which sometimes makes it onto my “emotional list”, Healing Rain by Michael W Smith:


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