Improve your life #2

I’m sure we all want to our friends and family, and ourselves, to have happy and healthy lives. Unfortunately much of what happens in our life is out with our control, so we need to find ways of coping, or dare I say, surviving life.

This post is part of a series in which I’ll provide a few suggestions on how to improve your life, ones which have been found to work for many over the years.

Today’s suggestion is to be kind to yourself!

I’m a perfectionist, and as such I always expect to do everything well all the time. Thankfully I realised a number of years ago that expecting perfection from myself and others, was not an achievable expectation.

While I still expect myself to always do my best, I know I must not be too hard on myself when I don’t achieve my goals. This is something I still find hard, as I am always trying to improve myself in every area of my life, and so understanding that I am human, and so I do make mistakes, had helped me to be more understanding and kind to myself.

Just as by being kind to others we get the best from them, so we can get the best from ourselves when we are kind to ourselves – set realistic goals, understand your limitations, and don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t turn out as you planned to hoped.

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